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5 Cars Every College Student Should Drive

When you go to college, your lifestyle changes together with a new environment, you start the first independent chapter of your life and become responsible for all your ups and downs. If you move to another city and start living in a college dorm or rent an apartment far away from your campus, you should take care of showing up on time for your classes. Your mom or dad will hardly give you a lift, and if you don’t have a roommate with a car, you should get your own. Most professors will not even let you in if you are late, so a car becomes another necessity without which you cannot do. You can get a paper helper online, but you should attend classes to keep up with the curriculum. So, what car should you choose?

The Jeep Wrangler

If you are used to standing out from the rest and showing off, you should opt for the Jeep Wrangler. It will become a perfect option for students who don’t stay still and try to use any opportunity to go somewhere. It will become your perfect partner in crime when deciding to go to the beach on the weekend or choose some other route without an ideal road surface. Besides, this car creates a special atmosphere around its owner and turns every ride in a fun and pleasant adventure. You will be able to freely move around the campus and city, getting the best out of your student years.


If you are a rational person who is used to weighing all the pros and cons, pay attention to this practical option. You will not face any difficulties fitting into a tight parking lot, and your nerves will be preserved. This car is suitable for people who don’t like to waste money, so they don’t skip any discounts. For instance, promo codes always come in handy. They are looking for a reliable and fuel-efficient helper that will take them to lessons safe and sound. Besides, it will not be a big deal to give a ride to the other four passengers.

Toyota Prius

If you are looking for an eco-friendly car, then this option will be the most suitable one. You will be able to save a pretty penny with the Prius and not suffer from a constant necessity to refuel it. And if you get tired of your studies and various assignments, you can ask someone to do my homework for me, grab friends and go on an adventure. The cargo area will allow you to take all the things you need for camping, so you don’t need to limit yourself to one bag.

Honda CR-V

It is a comfortable off-roader that will become a perfect option for a college student who often goes to the countryside or a beach. Even though it has small dimensions, you can take four friends with you together with all their backpacks and some other stuff. If you live in some north area where slippery roads are an ordinary thing, then an all-wheel-drive option can become your safety ring. In general, this car will provide you with many safety features, so you can stay calm.

Hyundai Elantra

If you are searching for a good affordable car, take a closer look at this vehicle. It has a perfect quality/price ratio, so you will be completely satisfied when getting it. This car will please you with a powerful engine and perfect fuel consumption, so your wallet will not be empty all the time. Numerous safety features make it a perfect option for a college student.