Chuck Barkley - Owner



Chuck Barkley started working for his late father in the summer of 1982 at the ripe old age of 10!  After inheriting the Barkley Auto Supercenter in the summer of 1992 Chuck and his crack team of sales people have swept the annual "Ted Klenary Memorial Carsies!" Awards for the past decade!  Chuck is also a prominent member in the community, holding seats on the city and county council with rumored rumblings that he's considering a run for Mayor!  Or Sheriff!  Whichever has the biggest gun!  Chuck enjoys spending time by himself!

Marty Freebrook - Sales



Marty Freebrook joined the Barkley Automotive team in 1987 after turning down a lucrative offer from Macintosh computers and hasn't looked back since!  Through the years, Marty has received five Thumpleton Awards and seven Bambledan Certificates, presented by Charles Barkley himself.  And after all of these years and 48 sold cars later, Marty Freebrook still prides himself on great customer service and fast customer service with a big slice of good job in between the two proverbial slices of service bread previously mentioned literally a second ago.

Grant Kind - Sales



Grant Kind once stacked two hundred pennies on top of each other. His delicate hands and powerful lip muscles can also sell the hell out of a car. As the oldest member of the Barkley Automotive team, Grant has the wisdom and experience to find people the cars of their dreams. He also has the silky skin, and once again, powerful lip muscles to give ladies a night they won't soon forget. When not at work, Grant helps out at homeless shelters and children's hospitals, which are the names of his two favorite strip clubs.

Rimshot - Sales



Russell Rimshot was traded to Barkley Automotive in 2005 when the savings and loan he worked for needed four new tires. To this date, Barkley still hasn't paid his end of the bargain, but Russell has made himself right at home. His signature shadow puppets never fail to delight a client and his "Down Home Logrolls" have placed second in every Pollok County Bakery Challenge in the last decade! In his off time he enjoys writing children's mystery novels set in the Old West. In his on time he enjoys selling good cars to nice people. And swell cars to dandy people.

Otis The Mechanic - Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight



Otis Molasses Flytrap was born in an abandoned car on a cold winter night in the summer of 1980.  In his early years Otis spent many days chopping wood.  Alone in the woods, just himself and his axe.  Learning how to get a good, strong swing.  Later in life Otis would spend time at Blackburn Correctional Complex, Nevada State Penitentiary, back to Blackburn Correctional Complex, then onto the last stint of his time at Maple Springs Correctional Facility before being so inspired by a visit from Chuck Barkley and Grant Kind that he knew he had to work with such stellar individuals!  Otis is alright!